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Touch biomanipulation (limited to not affect self)

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Striker (high)

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Second generation (daughter of Maquis, adopted by Dallons of New Wave)

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Queen Shaper

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Transform self into safe form, unknown effect charging up -> imbue clothing with restoration

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Safe Form (or Panacea Form, Amy Form), Imbue Clothing with Restoration, Restoration

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Safe Form: Edit

Assume the form of Amy Dallon (Panacea).

Imbue Clothing with Restoration: Edit

When in Safe Form, clothing items in contact with her skin are charged with a restoration power.

The minimum charge time is one minute for any item.

A charged item glows with a soft white light.

Items stay charged when Playlist is not in Safe Form.

Items receive more charge if Playlist contacts more of their surface, or for a longer amount of time. The relationship appears to be linear to time and to surface area.

Splitting an item into pieces divides the charge level equally between the pieces, regardless of what part of the original item was in contact with Playlist's skin.

Affects natural and artificial fibres, as well as leather.

Restoration: Edit

Restores a human to a 'normal' state – exact specifications are not fully determined.

Requires contact with an item of clothing that has been charged by contact with Playlist's skin (when in Safe From).

Requires mental consent from the subject.

Time for restoration to complete depends upon charge level of the item and the area of contact between the item and the subject's skin. Multiple items can be used simultaneously to speed up the effect.

The glow diminishes as restoration occurs. All items being used together will stop glowing simultaneously upon complete restoration.

Complete restoration occurs regardless of additional wounds to the subject during the progress of restoration. These later-inflicted wounds will appear to heal faster so complete healing is completed simultaneously.

Counter Edit

Assume Panacea cannot affect Safe Form since it is her own.

Assume Restoration can undo any alterations by Panacea

Tests Edit

Various testing with Aegis (Playlist cutting Aegis with knife):

Multiple wounds, multiple items, splitting and combining items, surface area changes.

Not tested: removing item during restoration, wounds caused by other capes

Notable Uses Edit

Immediately fix wrist injuring from spar with Shadow Stalker

If Coil had obtained a bandage with Restoration, it would have healed Genesis but not Noelle, so he didn't.

Classification Edit

Changer/Stranger 1

Striker ?

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Twice: when Panacea joined debrief after bank robbery, and in the evening after the Bakuda fight

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Notable benefits of using this remix with other remixes

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Notable benefits of using this remix with other parahumans